Golf Video Games

Mind Games: How Golf Video Games Can Make You Smart

Games happen to be obtaining a bad rap. Sure, a couple of involve merely pointing several deadly weapons on the Undead and blasting them in a bajillion pieces. Where there are cases of men and women wasting otherwise productive hours conquering a virtual kingdom and accumulating pixelized gold as opposed to venturing out and getting an actual job.

But there are numerous, many times when video gaming actually give a noble purpose in society. After they allow you to an improved person. Or otherwise, a smarter person.  This is especially true with golf video games which stand out as exceptional learning and skill building-tools.

Golf video games are a fantastic choice, seeing as there are video gaming which are actually built on reasoning and logic and involve complex problem solving that one could take with you.

Take golf video games for example. Okay, so it looks fairly straightforward, but it really takes some extent of analysis and quick thinking to evaluate the contour of your surroundings, assessing your competition and deciding the best way to get the ball in the hole. Element in that this game accelerates periodically, and the pile of pressure grows with every mistake you make, until you reach a point when one wrong move can eliminate the chances of you breaking the entire world record and your brain starts working pretty fast. Faster, actually, than you would probably normally make use of it in the course of the morning admit it, most of the stuff one does at the office is fairly mind numbing, anyway. Between sharpening golf swing and performing lightning-fast spatial analysis exercises, golf video games appear like they are actually healthy.

And then there are the memory golf games. Ever spent twenty minutes seeking your keys? Or stood at the centre of the car park, attempting to remember in the event you parked about the same floor? Well, memory games will work that brain muscle therefore you don’t ignore the important stuff (you will find, that features the wedding anniversary). Studies show that memory isn’t a real function of IQ it’s a skill: the capability to organize information with your brain, and after that retrieve it through some memory-triggers. Not every one of this is conscious (although you might take active steps to enhance memory by researching of what methods you may use). But like most skills, it improves with use. Hence, memory games. The best thing about memory games is that they’re actually fun (rather than simply memorizing a list of the capitals of every state, or maybe the periodic table of elements) and also relaxing. Yes, relaxing. You’re doing something you adore and obtaining smarter simultaneously. Not necessarily a bad strategy to spend a 20 minute break between meetings.   Golf video games have a similar role in that they not only make you a better golfer, but they’ll also help you become better able to handle stressful and competitive situations.

And then there are the strategy games. Conquering the entire world, managing a city, shaping an empire from some barbarian villages to being the initial country to create an area station on Mars obviously, these aren’t just random compact digital games. They’re about the same skills you learn in running a business school, but with cooler graphics: the best way to manage resources, motivate people, and set up goals.  Golf videos games also have similar objectives, as you be strategizing from tee-off until you outsmart the competition and win.  And of course for some great practice in development hand-eye motor coordination, nothing beats a great golf video game.  

So yes, video gaming can make you smart – and golf video games can make you a genius. Tell that to Mom the next time she informs you to hit the books.