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Golfing involves usages of a variety of equipment and accessories and the golf bag is an important component of this to help keep it all together. Golf bags are especially important for carrying golf clubs throughout the course. Often golf bags consist of leather or nylon and are strenghtened with plastic or metal framing.
There is often good support at the opening near the top to allow for rigidity and sections are dedicated to distinguish the various golf clubs. The higher quality bags have pockets or sleeves for each individual club.

Golf bags intended to be carried by the golfer are called carry bags, and usually have a single or double shoulder strap. A special type of carry bag is called a stand bag with the added functionality of rigid internal reinforcement and fold-out legs that can be retracted. This results in the bag becoming a tripod so that it can “stand” on the turf without tipping over.

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Another type of golf bag is called the cart bag which are often attached to a pull cart or golf cart during the golfers’ game. Unlike the previous golf bags discussed, the cart bags often have a simple strap and no stand. However, they usually have additional storage and even better construction because weight is not so much a problem when these bags are designed to just sit in the moving pull cart or motorized golf cart.

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Caddies, assistants of professional golfers, often carry another type of golf bag called staff bag. These are usually similar to a cart bag, but often have a more secure single shoulder strap and sometimes branding logos for televised events.

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Finally, there is the golfer’s travel bags which are available with a variety of features including a solid exterior and padded interior, and also including the clubhead cover and locks for the zippers and bag cover.

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